Hali Camick, a 48-year-old mother of 3, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 2005. In an effort to combat this affliction in the beginning, Hali tried various disease-modifying medications with no success. This disease first affected Hali’s left leg, but over the past few years has progressed to both legs and hands. As a result, she has been limited to using a wheelchair full-time and is looking into a power wheelchair. This has severely affected her activities of daily living, which has also greatly decreased her independence. For example, activities such as showering, eating, and even brushing her own hair have become increasingly difficult or impossible to do. Hali, has also given up her license, which further limits her independence.

As many people know, Hali was not one to stay at home and miss out on big events and get-togethers with friends. However, the energy that it takes for her to simply get out of the house is exhausting, and not worth the effort or anxiety it creates. Yet, there is still hope, Hali has been researching the Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation (HSCT) and following other MS patients who have received this treatment, and has witnessed the positive results they are achieving. This treatment involves “stop[ping] the immune system from causing damage of the myelin so that proper electrical conduction within the nervous system is restored” and “the reinstatement of appropriate healthy signaling from nerves to muscles often results in clinical and symptomatic improvement.” While there are places all around the world offering this treatment, Hali has chosen Mexico based on her research findings and personal testimonies.

Hope For Hali

Hali has claimed that if she gets full mobility back in her legs, she will do a triathelon! Her friends and family would love nothing more than to see this come to fruition. Hali is willing to take on the challenge of such a major feat, so we are asking that you meet our challenge in getting Hali to Mexico. Let’s help Hali get her life back!

Fundraising Goal

Goal $60,000
Current $61,000

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Going Away Party

Come out and see Hali off on her journey